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Assembly tools

Multispindle equipment

Air motors

Electronic torque control devices

The company INSTRUM-RAND was founded on 1 June 1993.

ZAO INSTRUM-RAND develops, manufactures and supplies pneumatic tightening tools of different kinds, torque measurement devices, air motors, multi spindle screwdrivers for assembly operations in different branches of industry.

ZAO INSTRUM-RAND performs machining process of parts of any Special tools customized complexity.

ZAO INSTRUM-RAND solves comprehensive fitting of working positions, service and maintenance of supplied air tools, customized tools and special equipment, carries out analysis of assembly operations. Manufactured product quality is confirmed by ISO 9001:2008, VDA6.1, MBTA, ISO 14001:2004 certificates. In 2001 our company was awarded by Russian government reward in the field of quality.

The customers of INSTRUM-RAND are automotive industry factories, farm machine industry plants, instrument making manufacturers and other branches. Up to 36% of manufactured goods areexported to US, England, France, China and other countries.

ZAO INSTRUM-RAND is an authorized distributor of INGERSOLL-RAND company, the biggest manufacturer of air tools and compressors in the world.

ZAO INSTRUM-RAND supplies any INGERSOLL-RAND product: air tools and accessories for working places comprehensive fitting, compressors, air supply units, winch and hoist equipment, air pumps.

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